Frequently Asked Questions

How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

A 3rd Party Sweepstakes Firm who will receive all entries after the giveaway is over and conducts a random computerized drawing.After 5-7 days we will receive the drawing results from them and we will announce the winner on our social media platforms and website as well as contact the winner directly.

**We will NOT contact the winner via social media. Only through email and phone. If someone contacts you saying you won on social media it’s FAKE.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Winner?

The Winner has to be at least 18 years of age, legal resident of the USA or Canada (excluding Quebec) and have a valid drivers license.

How Reliable Are The Cars?

Every car we giveaway will have the lowest miles possible. We will only give cars away with a CLEAN title. Every car goes through an inspection through our certified technicians.

Is This Giveaway Real? 

Absolutely! Our giveaways are bonded and registered. Which we are legally required to give away each prize. Our giveaways are professionally managed by American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co. Inc. located in Rochester, New York. Who also administers sweepstakes for large companies such as Walmart.

How Do I Enter To Win?

It’s easy! Every $1 spent on our website on any product gets you 1 Entry towards the current giveaway. Bonus Periods can randomly announced (NOT GUARANTEED)  at x2, x5, x7, or x10 the entries.


$30 = 30 Entries

x2 bonus period $30 = 60 Entries

x5 bonus period $30 = 150 Entries

x7 bonus period $30 = 210 Entries

x10 bonus period $30 = 300 Entries